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99% of them claimed to be the reincarnation of Andy Warhol. Some even claim to be descendants of Basquiat. Glam-rocker is a type of gay are obsessed with glam rock and new wave. Some of them still think that in the 80s is "THE GOLDEN AGE OF MUSIC AND FASHION". In addition to the culture like New Romantics, they also store latent obsession to become a musical composer and a dream to play on Broadway.

TRADEMARKS GAY glam-rocker:

Since most are obsessed with David Bowie and repeatedly watching Hedwig And The Angry Inch on DVD enternya play, they sometimes wore powder on his cheeks, wearing a super tight leather pants and biker-style jacket look.
If you're wanting to seem casual, glam-rocker who buy the latest Prada and so away from the Goth STYLE.

CAREER / EDUCATION glam-rocker:
Education is not relevant to them, become a DJ and Freelance fashion stylist is corporate in the capital is a primary goal. For those not lucky might still be trapped as a HAIR stylist who worked on wedding events or working nine-to-five at the Bank.
The workers nine-to-five is sometimes wears a tie or a pink shirt at weekend (indicating that they were still single and ready to party).

David Bowie, Brian Eno, Bryan Ferry, Bryan Adams, Roxy Music, Slade, Judas Priest (Rob Halford), Queen (Freddie Mercury), Modern Home, Psychedelic furs, Adam Ant, Billy Idol.

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